Pray Like a Gourmet – The Book

PrayGourmetCover7Pray Like a Gourmet: Creative Ways to Feed Your Soul is  now available for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Paraclete Press.  It should hit stores by end of March to mid April. I can send you an autographed copy if you send me a request to this email

Here’s what people are saying about Pray Like a Gourmet:

PRAY LIKE A GOURMET is the gentlest, most readable, kindest guide to prayer one could ever hope to explore. Reading through its storied pages, one goes from “I never thought of that before” to “I could do that” to “I want to do that” and back again. This one is an adventure for the believing heart.

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Book Review: “Pray Like a Gourmet” by David Brazzeal

I loved this book!
So practical, so inventive, so real.

Early Church Studies

2015-08-02 12.08.55I loved this book!

So practical, so inventive, so real.

I have never been one to follow a liturgy or method of prayer. If it is a conversation and a relationship, it should be real. Yet, so many Christians either fall back on rote prayers or ask, “How do I pray…How do you pray?”

Get them this book…seriously! Very readable and entirely ready to put into practice. I was even bummed when I finished the book…it grew on me and I loved it!

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Book Review: Pray Like a Gourmet: Creative Ways to Feed Your Soul

“Brazzeal’s Pray Like a Gourmet is pure soul food! It is an easy read and a book that one would return to again and again.”



As occupational therapists our medium is occupation, those meaningful and purposeful everyday activities in which we engage as individuals and in community. Occupations can be meditative, contemplative, or action-based. Occupations can be spiritual. The following definition of spirituality as distinct from any particular religion can be helpful in our understanding spirituality as it relates to occupational therapy practice:

“Spirituality can be defined as the search for meaning and
purpose in life, which may or may not be related to a belief in
God, or some form of higher power. For those with no
conception of supernatural belief, spirituality may relate to
the notion of a motivating life force, which involves and
integration of the dimensions of mind, body and spirit. This
personal belief or faith also shapes an individual‘s
perspective on the world and is expressed in the way he/ she
lives life. Therefore, spirituality is experienced through
connectedness to…

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Prayer of St. Patrick

I met a new friend this week who enjoys fusing wonderful prayers such as this one with beautiful graphics. This allows him to easily pray through these on his tablet. He especially likes transforming scripture into personal prayers for friends and family, then adding appropriate photos and graphics. Great idea!
Prayer of Saint Patrick

Publisher’s Weekly Book Review

PrayGourmetCover7I’m very thankful for this splendid review from PUBLISHERS WEEKLY!

Brazzeal has written a cookbook for prayer—literally. After a first section that likens learning to pray to learning to cook and also notes the importance of food in the Bible, the author, who lives in Paris, divides the book into sections. Instead of soups, salads, sides, main courses, and desserts, these sections cover different types of prayer, such as thanksgiving, confessing, and asking, complete with “recipes.” Thus “praising” prayers, which are likened to hors d’oeuvre, contain “recipes” that call for praying by writing down all the verbs in Psalm 147 or by creating a physical movement that opens you to God. Likewise, recipes for “blessing” prayers include visualizing a friend in a setting that represents well-being and joy. The book’s voice is exuberant and the cookbook idea clever and appealing. Rather than a tome to be read and forgotten, the volume is formatted as a resource to keep handy, maybe even among cookbooks. The book might benefit from less autobiography and even more recipes, but it’s still a delectable read, supplemented by tasty quotes from Christian sages. (Apr.)

Prayer Tasting Tour

IMG_4776I am currently on a two week “prayer tasting” tour (in GA, AL & MS) and quite surprised how well the idea is received by those who have experienced it….as if they’ve been starving for new ways to pray. I am very grateful to my long-time friend Lynn Nesbitt who has helped me experiment with fusing the prayer tasting with a lovely 3 course gourmet meal. The whole affaire takes about 3 hours. Everyone leaves quite nourished on multiple levels. At this table pictured, there were two spiritual directors, a pastor and a rabbi present.

Let me just say for my friends in North America, that I’ll be in South Florida through June 2015. I would love to share a prayer tasting with you and a small group of your friends. Check the SCHEDULE tab of this blog so that we can possible connect when I’m in your area. (I actually have a free Sunday March 15 while I’m in the Los Angeles area, if anyone is interested.)

I’m also writing up a little something on how to host your own prayer tasting once the book come out. I’ll be curious about how that goes over in various situations (with food and without).